Notification of technical regulations

Member States must inform the Commission of any draft technical regulation prior to its adoption. Starting from the notification date, a three-month “standstill period” (where the Member State cannot adopt the regulation) enables the Commission and the other Member States to examine the notified text and to respond appropriately.


Information on EU Member State notified technical regulation projects are freely available on the Technical regulations information system database (TRIS), where the
regulation projects can be viewed in Latvian and other languages.

If a business has objections to another Member State’s technical regulation project, the merchant has the right to hand in their objections to the institution responsible for coordinating the field. A list of contacts can be found in the European Commission website.

Using TRIS any person, including non-governmental organizations and businesses, can also subscribe to an electronic newsletter and receive notified technical regulation projects in the fields of interest.

Last update:    04-02-2016