Your Europe Advice

“Your Europe Advice” is a free EU consultation service for citizens, currently employing lawyers from the European Citizen Action Service. It is a team of lawyers that communicates in all official languages of the EU and has knowledge of EU and EU Member States regulations.


Please click here for free legal consultations on EU citizen and business rights


YEA employs independent lawyers that:

  • give advice on your particular case within a week, free of charge;
  • explain EU regulations that are relevant to your case;
  • explain how you can use your rights conferred by the EU.


YEA responds to questions received from:

  • EU (also Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein) citizens;
  • Citizens of other countries, who are family members of an EU citizen, or live in an EU Member State;
  • EU and other Member State informative and consultative services, which contact the services on behalf of individuals;

Businesses registered in the EU.

Last update:    04-02-2016