Latvia's Accession to the OECD

On 15 October 2013, the Road Map for Latvia's accession negotiations, which determined the plan of Latvia's accession to the OECD, was approved at the meeting of OECD Council in Paris.


During nearly three years of accession negotiations, Latvia has been reviewed by 21 OECD Committees on two fronts: an evaluation of Latvia’s willingness and ability to implement substantive OECD legal instruments (230), as well as an evaluation of Latvia’s policies and practices as compared to OECD best policies and practices.


An Accession Agreement between Latvia and the OECD was signed at a special ceremony on 2 June 2016, during the annual meeting of the OECD Council at ministerial level in Paris. Latvia will become a member of the Organisation once it has taken the appropriate steps at the national level to accede to the OECD Convention and deposited its instrument of accession with the French government, depository of the OECD Convention.


Within the framework of OECD accession process, the fields within the competence of the Ministry of Economics include economic policy, consumer policy, export loans, competition, management of state capital shares, tourism, statistics, production and entrepreneurship and good laboratory practice.

Last update:    02-06-2016