In order to apply for the performance of such construction works which are fully or partially financed from the State, local government or European Union resources, if the commissioning party is the State or a local government, a construction merchant must receive a classification document.

A classification document will be required to apply for participation in public procurements. Construction merchants will be classified by assessing their financial indicators and technical criteria, as well as professional experience. Classification system will be introduced in 2016 and it will be carried out by the Ministry of Economics.


Classification will ensure the following:

1) there will be no need to assess an enterprise as such within the framework of a public procurement, wherewith the assessment commission will assess solely tender offers;
2) an entrepreneur will not have to submit a large number of documents every time (the administrative workload on the entrepreneur will decrease);
3) the risk of corruption and unequal attitude in procurements will be reduced;
4) a more complex project or a project of a greater scale will be entrusted solely to a certain circle of constructors.