Conformity assessment is a process of assessing, whether the requirements related to a product, process, service, person or structure are fulfilled.

A conformity certificate issued as a result of the conformity assessment process gives an opportunity to compare the particular product or service to equivalent products and services or, in case of service providers, to ensure free access to the particular activity of services, thus protecting legitimate interests of the public (for instance, life and health of a person, property of a person, the environment from the impact of hazardous products and services, product counterfeits) on the one hand, and promoting fair competition on the market on the other hand.

As a result of this process, the free circulation of goods and services on EU internal market and global market will be ensured, service providers will be granted the rights or guaranteed the quality of their activity without repeated testing, certification or inspection, and consumers will be ensured the proper protection of their rights and interests.

The competency of conformity assessment bodies and their ability to perform specific conformity assessment activities is certified by accreditation. It is carried out by the national accreditation body and it is an independent certification of a third party.