In this section, you can find a summary of information on the progress of the draft legislation in circulation – a timetable for the circulation of draft legislation. 

Date of Acceptance Date of Entry into Force Type of Legislation No. Title
04.06.2009 01.01.2010  Law - Law on Administration of Residential Houses
28.10.2010 01.01.2011 Law - Law on Residential Properties
16.02.1993 01.04.1993 Law - Residential Tenancy Law
06.12.2001 01.01.2002 Law - Law on Assistance in Solving Apartment Matters
21.06.1995 25.07.1995 Law - On Privatisation of State and Local Government Residential Houses
06.12.2012 09.01.2013 Law - Law on the Energy Performance of Buildings
30.10.1991 01.01.1992 Law - On the Denationalisation of Building Properties in the Republic of Latvia
25.11.2014 29.11.2014 Cabinet Regulation 720 Procedure by which Local Governments Get Allocated State Earmarked Subsidies for Ensuring Disbursement of the Allowance for Vacating a Residential Space (Not available in English)
05.04.2005 15.04.2005  Cabinet Regulation 237 Procedures by which State Earmarked Subsidies are to be Granted to Local Governments for Solving Apartment Matters
29.08.2006 02.09.2006 Cabinet Regulation 711 Procedures By Which Local Governments Select Tenders and Enter into Agreements Regarding the Lease of Residential Houses or Residential Premises
09.12.2008 19.12.2008  Cabinet Regulation 1013 Procedures by which an Apartment Owner in a Residential Apartment House shall Pay for Services which are Related to Use of the Residential Property
11.07.2017 21.07.2017  Cabinet Regulation 408 Regulations Regarding the Calculation of the Payment for the Administration and Management of a Residential House
28.09.2010 02.10.2010 Cabinet Regulation 906 Regulations Regarding the Sanitary Maintenance of a Residential House
28.09.2010 02.10.2010 Cabinet Regulation 907 Regulations Regarding the Survey, Technical Servicing, Current Repairs and Minimal Requirements for Energy Efficiency of the Residential House
28.09.2010  02.10.2010  Cabinet Regulation 905 Procedures for Planning and Organisation of Activities Related to the Renovation and Reconstruction of a Residential House
03.05.2011 18.05.2011 Cabinet Regulation 343 Regulations for Keeping and Updating the Register of Administrators of Residential Houses
21.10.2018 01.12.2018 Cabinet Regulation 531 Regulations Regarding Assessment of the Competence of Independent Experts and Monitoring of Professional Activity Thereof in the Field of Energy Performance of Buildings
08.04.2021 16.04.2021 Cabinet Regulation 222 Methodology for Calculating the Energy Performance of a Building and Regulations Regarding Energy Certification of Building (Not available in English)
20.02.2018 01.03.2018 Cabinet Regulation 95 Regulations Regarding the State Assistance in Purchase or Construction of Residential Space
15.09.2015 30.09.2015 Cabinet Regulation 524 Procedures for Determining, Calculating and Accounting of the Payment Share of Each Residential House Owner for the Services Necessary for the Maintenance of the Residential House  (Not available in English)