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    Viktors Valainis

    Viktors Valainis

    Viktors.Valainis [at]

    Jurģis Miezainis

    Parlamentary Secretary
    Jurgis.Miezainis [at]

    Aija Mazitāne

    Head of the Bureau of Minister
    Aija.Mazitane [at]

    Artūrs Zandersons

    Adviser to the Minister for Economic Affairs
    Arturs.Zandersons [at]

    Kristīne Kinča

    Legal Adviser to the Minister
    Kristine.Kinca [at]

    Rolands Pētersons

    Adviser to the Minister for Communication
    Rolands.Petersons [at]

    Aiva Freimane

    Assistant Minister
    Aiva.Freimane [at]

    Valters Grīnvalds

    Adviser to the minister for strategic development issues
    Valters.Grinvalds [at]

    Dace Freimane

    dace.freimane [at]

    Zane Uzuliņa

    Senior expert in operational planning and risk management
    zane.uzulina [at]

    Marina Podvinska

    Senior Expert
    marina.podvinska [at]

    Ieva Zaharāne

    Head of Unit
    ieva.zaharane [at]

    Inese Patmalniece

    Deputy Head of Unit
    inese.patmalniece [at]

    Zaiga Muižniece

    Personnel Specialist
    zaiga.muizniece [at]

    Māra Saulīte

    Personnel Specialist
    mara.saulite [at]
    " "

    Evita Urpena

    Head of Unit
    evita.urpena [at]

    Elita Rubesa-Voravko

    Strategic Communication Expert
    elita.rubesa [at]

    Inguna Apsīte

    Public Relations Specialist
    Inguna.Apsite [at]

    Diāna Pavāre

    Public Relations Specialist
    Diana.Pavare [at]
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    1 - 20 from 178