Latvian Productivity Council

The Productivity Council of Latvia (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is a consultative body of the Ministry of Economics, the purpose of which is to promote the study of the productivity of the national economy, stimulate discussions about the situation in the field of productivity in Latvia and the European Union, and promote the development of independent, objective, and scientifically based recommendations for policy makers.

In accordance with public interests, the Council makes proposals to the Ministry of Economics on the directions of action in the field of competitiveness and productivity development policy based on cooperation with the Productivity Research Institute of the Faculty of Business, Management, and Economics of the University of Latvia think tank “LV PEAK” (hereinafter - LV PEAK). LV PEAK website:

The Council consists of 7 members nominated by the Ministry of Economy, the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the University of Latvia, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. The Council, with the votes of at least four members of the Council, elects the Chairman of the Council from among its members, by open voting. The personnel composition of the Council members is approved by the Minister of Economics.

The functions of the Council's secretary are performed by LV PEAK staff representatives without voting rights.