The Construction Information System is available at


The aim of the Construction Information System (CIS) is to ensure the circulation of electronic construction documentation, public needs for information regarding construction processes, equal approach to making decisions on construction, and single interpretation of laws within the entire territory of Latvia.
The CIS will guarantee that customers and construction supervision authorities — building authorities of local governments, Ministry of Economics — have access to all the necessary documents and information from the State information systems related to the particular building. The CIS provides for documents to be in an electronic form and communication between supervisory authorities, the customer and construction merchant to occur electronically.

Currently, four registers, namely the Register of Construction Merchants, the Register of Certificates of Building Practice and Architect's Practice, the Register of Building Inspectors and the Register of Administrators of Residential Houses, are available to the public on the portal

After the CIS is finished, the portal will offer public access to the Register of Independent Experts in the Field of Energy Performance of Buildings and the Register of Certificates of Energy Performance of Buildings, as well as special online forms, ensuring the introduction of construction services in electronic environment. Likewise, the public will be informed about the planned constructions and decisions related thereto.