Interreg Europe project CLUSTERS3

Ministry of Economics participates in the implementation of Interreg Europe program project Leveraging Cluster Policies for sucessful implementation of RIS3 (CLUSTERS3).

Regional authorities across Europe are aware of the challenges and issues regarding SMEs dimension. And they know the importance of the contribution that can be expected from competent cluster organisations supported by a cluster policy. CLUSTERS3 project engages seven regional and national authorities. All of them are willing to learn and improve their practices from this project. Participation of TCI Network of practitioners and experts as advisory partner reveals also the interest of this issue at a larger scale.

CLUSTERS3 main objective is to improve the implementation of cluster policies and their coordination with other competitiveness related policies, in the framework of RIS3, boosting Growth and Job creation through the insertion of SMEs in Global Value Chains.

Project duration: April 2016 - April 2020.

For more information please visit the official website of CLUSTERS3 project