Metrology is a science and knowledge of measurements. It is one of the oldest fields of science in the world. Today, it is divided into scientific, industrial and legal metrology. In general, it creates a basis for receiving safe products and services. One of the crucial aspects of quality provision is the performance of regular measurements. Measurements performed in compliance with certain requirements are a crucial condition for the equivalent exchange of goods. The conformity of metrology and metrological infrastructure in the country to international requirements helps in eliminating technical barriers of trade, increases the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and promotes participation in global economic processes.

Metrology ensures the uniformity of measurements in the country, conformity of measuring instruments and guarantee of measurement correctness, fitting into the Single European Metrology System and ensuring international credibility of measurements performed in the country. It includes both theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. Based on the measurements performed, it is possible to assess the conformity of particular products to the requirements set for them.

More information is available on the website of the Metrology Bureau of SIA Standartizācijas, akreditācijas un metroloģijas centrs (Standardisation, Accreditation and Metrology Centre). (