The Regulation simplifies the process of preparation of the European Technical Assessment (ETA) which substitutes the European Technical Approval (ETAp). Procedures laid down in Directive 89/106/EEC for assessing performance in relation to the essential characteristics of such construction products which are not subject to harmonised standards, have been simplified in order to be transparent and reduce the costs of manufacturers of construction products.

The development of a draft European Assessment document and issue of the European Technical Assessment have been entrusted to the technical assessment bodies (TABs) appointed by Member-States. In order to ensure that TABs have necessary competency to fulfil tasks, the Construction Products Regulation determines requirements for TABs.

Pursuant to Cabinet Regulation No. 112 of 25 February 2014 “Regulations regarding European Technical Assessment”, a legal person which applies for the issue of European Technical Assessments in Latvia shall submit an application of a certain form to the structural unit of the limited liability company Standardisation, Accreditation and Metrology Centre — Latvian National Accreditation Bureau, enclosing documents that certify the conformity of the applicant to the requirements set for TABs in the Construction Products Regulation. The applicant, who receives accreditation, shall be deemed a technical assessment body approved in Latvia for the purposes of the Construction Products Regulation. The Ministry of Economics will provide information regarding the technical assessment body to other Member-States of the European Economic Area and to the European Commission.