Statistical information regarding tourism in Latvia is gathered by the Central Statistical Bureau. This data encompasses various aspects, including:

• foreign travelers,

• travel undertaken by residents of Latvia,

• hotel accommodation statistics, such as the number of visitors, nights spent, bed occupancy rates, and more,

• accommodation reservations made through online platforms,

• statistics pertaining to tourism operators,

• tourism satellite accounts (which include general indicators).

Accessible statistical data is available on the Central Statistical Bureau website at: This compiled information is published in the Latvian Statistical Yearbook, the comprehensive annual statistical data collection "Tourism in Latvia," and in monthly newsletters produced by Latvian statistics.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) offers statistics and insights on crucial inbound and outbound tourism indicators globally, regionally, and nationally. This data covers metrics such as the number of tourists, tourism export share, tourism's contribution to GDP, among others. More detailed information can be accessed here: 

Research within the tourism sector is conducted by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Further details regarding this research can be found at: