Construction services are key to the EU and Latvia’s economy. Construction works undertaken by builders and developers account for 6.1% of EU GDP and 7.3% of EU employment. Based on its high economic importance and low Single Market integration, the European Commission has identified construction as a priority services sector for Internal Market policy action.


Therefore, to compliment European Commission’s attention to the construction services field, a pilot project was carried out – to map a process step by step of establishing of construction company in Latvia in order to facilitate transparency of the process and have useful information for potential entrepreneurs.


Please note that the mapping has been carried out as a pilot project and may contain minor inaccuracies.


For reading the process diagram:

Diagram can be zoomed by clicking on it for more convenient use. In some of the steps of the diagram links are included. Clicking the link will direct you to a relevant agency's website or particular legislative act for more information.


Similar mapping diagram of applicable regulatory requirements for a construction company exporting services to Finland, Sweden and Estonia are available in the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia.