The Ministry of Economics administers the state basic budget programme “Economic Development Programme” in accordance with the delegation provided in Section 23(8) of the Immigration Law. Payments made by foreigners for the receipt of a temporary residence permit in the cases specified in Section 23(1)(28), (29), (30) and (31) of the Immigration Law, as well as in the case specified in Section 23(7.3), shall be credited for the state basic budget programme “Economic Development Programme” to the state basic budget expenditure account No.LV65TREL212003807500B open at the State Treasury and it shall be accounted as other own revenue of the authority (Ministry of Economics).

The objectives of the utilisation of funds paid by foreigners are determined in the annual state budget law, indicating the covering of expenditure for the administration of this budget programme as a priority purpose, but the procedures for the utilisation of funds are determined in accordance with Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No.284 of 9 June 2015 “Procedures for the Use of Funds of the State Basic Budget Programme “Economic Development Programme””.

This payment made by a foreigner is one-off and is not repaid, except in the cases referred to in Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No.564 of 21 June 2010 “Regulations on Residence Permits”. In accordance with the conditions laid down in Section 73.2(1) of Regulations No.564 “Regulations on Residence Permits”, a foreigner has the right to request the refund of the paid money.

The REQUEST FORM for refund can be used for the application of such a request.

The request and documents appended thereto should be submitted to the Ministry of Economics pursuant to the conditions laid down in regulatory enactments (including Section 3 of the Law on Submissions) using official contacts of the Ministry of Economics (see and convenient means of communication available, using electronic means of communication as much as possible.