The aim of the housing policy is to promote housing quality and accessibility, ensuring legal framework for the effective management of residential houses, promoting the establishment of a leased residential fund in the territories of local governments and supporting energy-saving activities in residential houses.


In order to ensure qualitative management and administration of residential houses, the Law On Administration of Residential Houses was adopted in 2009. It is based on the following principles:

  • continuity of the administration process;
  • selection of optimal administration methods;
  • preservation and improvement of the surrounding environment of a residential house;
  • preclusion of invasion of the safety or health of an individual; and
  • preservation of the quality of a residential house.


In order to improve the process of administration of residential houses, the Housing Policy Department has developed Cabinet Regulations regarding the requirements for the sanitary maintenance of a residential house; regarding the procedure for keeping and updating house files; regarding the activities to be performed within the framework of the technical servicing, current repair, renovation and reconstruction; as well as regarding minimal requirements for ensuring energy efficiency of a residential house.