Europe’s Digital Decade

Europe’s Digital Decade is a comprehensive framework that will guide all digital activities until 2030. The Digital Decade aims to make all aspects of technology and innovation work for people.

The Digital Decade Policy Agenda sets out digital goals for the next decade. The main goals can be summarized in four points:

  • digitally qualified residents and highly qualified specialists in the digital field;
  • secure and sustainable digital infrastructure;
  • digital transformation of companies;
  • digitalization of public services.

The Ministry of Economics is responsible for six of the fourteen identified areas of the Digital Decade Roadmap:

  1. cloud computing;
  2. big data;
  3. artificial intelligence;
  4. SMEs with at least a basic level of digital intensity;
  5. unicorns;
  6. semiconductors.

However, other sectoral ministries, such as the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health, also play a role in achieving these indicators.

Reducing administrative burdens

The Ministry of Economics ensures an ongoing dialogue with business on the latest technologies and trends in the digital economy to assess public investment in digital transformation solutions, which include the transformation of business processes with the latest technological capabilities, including in the public sector, to reduce administrative burdens, simplify and automate processes.