Since June 13, 2010 all entrepreneurs who offer tourism agent or tourism operator services in Latvia must register in Database of Tourism agents and tourism operators -


It is a public database and stores following information - the firm name of the merchant or the firm name of the branch of the merchant, if it differs from the firm name of the merchant, trademark, registration number of the merchant, legal address, contact information, year of foundation, information regarding the sales points of the service; and the issuer of the security guarantee of money deposited by the client, the date of issuance and term of validity, the sum of the guarantee.


Responsible institution for the database: Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia.

Responsible controlling body is Consumer Rights Protection Centre:  


Eligible regulation

Security Guarantees for Money Deposited by Consumers


Tour operator who organizes package tourism services must have a security guarantee for the money deposited by consumers. It can be insurance or a bank guarantee.

If a tour operator until proclamation of his or her insolvency proceedings or in cases of his or her insolvency cannot or partially cannot fulfil contractual liabilities to the consumer, the security guarantee of money deposited by consumers shall ensure:

1) compensation to the consumer of losses resulting from the non-fulfilment or partial fulfilment of obligations; and

2) the return of the tourist to the country from which the tour began, if the contract does not specify otherwise.


The security guarantee shall be ensured for a period of time which is not less than a year, and it shall be sufficient to fulfil above the requirements, but shall not be less than EUR 28457.44.


A travel agent may offer or sell only such package tourism service, which is ensured with the security guarantee of money deposited by consumers.


Further information:
Madara Luka
Ministry of Economics
Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Department
Foreign Investment Attraction, Tourism and Export Promotion Division
Riga, Latvia
Phone: +37167013256