INTER-COMP-INNO is international conference with aim to explore advantages of cooperation to foster COMPetitiveness, INNOvation and INTERnationalization of small and medium enterprises (SME’s).

Conference is divided in three sessions: INTER–COMP–INNO

Where?: RISEBA Arhitecture and media center H20 6; 4 Durbe Street; Riga

When?: 18 October 2017  Time: 9.00 – 17.15

LanguageCOMP - English (with synchronous audio translation in Latvian); INTER – English; INNO – Latvian (with synchronous audio translation in English)


REGISTRATION opened till October 13th!


Conference is organized by the Ministry of Economics of The Republic of Latvia within the implementation of two independent projects: Interreg Europe program project “Leveraging Cluster Policies for successful implementation of RIS3” (CLUSTERS3) and ERDF “Competence center management project” and in cooperation with Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia.


Aim of the CLUSTERS3 project is to explore new horizons of cluster policies within the framework of RIS3. Project is implemented in a joined-up approach, involving the next generation competitiveness policies, boosting Growth and Job creation by facilitating the insertion of SMEs in Global Value Chains.

The aim of RIS3 strategy in Latvia is to transform economy towards the development of higher added value products, raising productivity and facilitating more effective use of resources. Competence Centre’s are the main actors to put the Strategy into effect.

During the conference, audience will have the opportunity to hear international and local experts trying to reveal the worth of cooperation for the promotion of competitiveness, innovation and internationalization of SME’s. Each of these topics is challenging, but the one of the solution keys is cooperation of SME’s e.g. within the clusters, competence centers, innovation networks, etc.

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Invitation to the Conference INTER-COMP-INNO on October 18th

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