The goal of the Food products quality cluster is to develop co-operation of non-interconnected entrepreneurs, research, education and other institutions, thus furthering competitiveness of industries and entrepreneurs, growth of export volumes as well as innovations and development of new products. Lines of activity:

  • Improving quality of food products and furthering consumption of highest quality foods
  • Furthering public awareness of the cluster and its employees, marketing activities.
  • Co-operation with institutions of education and science (also in the field of education quality of graduates of professional and higher education institutions).
  • Increasing efficiency and competitiveness of delivery chains on both local and export markets.

In co-operation with foreign partners / organisations, the Food products quality cluster is interested in:

  • carrying out joint export activities to third countries;
  • carrying out joint research on developing new products and technologies;
  • exchanging experience to improve the competitiveness and global positions of the food sector and sub-sectors (such as milk, meat);
  • participating in regional activities;
  • participating in cluster cooperation programmes;
  • developing cross-sectorial cooperation.



Contact person: Armands Lejas-Krūmiņš (

Phone number:  +371 67808968

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