Latvian high added value and healthy food cluster

Latvian high added value and healthy food cluster is a registered membership association, one of the most developed and internationally active triple-helix niche food sector cluster organizations in the Baltic countries.


The objective of the cluster is to facilitate the development and market uptake of high value added and healthy food & beverages products, to promote knowledge and technology transfer between cluster members, to develop and implement new projects and to help cluster members to internationalize their activities and find business and research partnerships abroad. Cluster core members and network participants are companies focusing on healthy, high value added, organic and gourmet niche food and beverages production, public support organizations, universities and R&D institutions focusing their research activity in bio-economy areas. Currently cluster has 13 core members and more than 15 network participants. LFC is open organization and is inviting new members joining to the collaboration in the cluster.


Main priority focus areas of the cluster are:

  • Product and technology development;
  • Export promotion;
  • Networking, training and knowledge transfer;
  • Internationalisation.

If an organization wishes to become a member of LFC, it must submit a simple application form to the Cluster board. If the Cluster Board accepts candidate organization as a cluster member, it will officially inform the organization of the decision and include it in the core-members database.


Core members are obliged to contribute a yearly membership fee and can participate in all cluster internal and international activities, events and projects and receive regular information and actively contribute to the cluster development.



Cluster has been awarded with the Bronze Label

of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative 



Contact person:

Kristaps Ročāns (

Phone number: +371 29753011


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