Nemiro: Energy policy supervision will be significantly strengthened from 2020


At its meeting on 1 October this year, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal of the Ministry of Economics to transfer energy policy administration functions to the State Construction Control Bureau (SCCB) from 1 January 2020, thus introducing more effective control of the state aid system. At the same time, the CM decided to provide adequate funding and introduce the MPC station administration fee for the fulfilment of SCCB’s new functions.


From 2020, SCCB will:

  • supervise and control the mandatory electricity procurement mechanism by significantly reinforcing the supervision of operations of power plants that has been implemented so far, including systematic on-site inspections in power plants;
  • provide the vulnerable user trading service;
  • perform the function of administration of energy efficiency matters;
  • supervise and control the fulfilment of transport energy conditions;
  • administer matters related to petroleum products.


“Careful and constant control of the power plants supported by the state has been the biggest stumbling block in the actions of previous governments in the MPC matter, which has cost many millions to the population. Controls must be effective and sufficient resources should be provided to remove from the market unfair electricity producers, who have been defaming the industry for a long time and have also negatively influenced the opinion of society about renewable energy sources in general. I am very pleased with the CM decision to support the transfer of the control function to SCCB, thus significantly strengthening supervision of energy policy, at the same time separating the supervisory functions of the process from policy planning functions and promoting more efficient work,” notes Ralfs Nemiro, the Minister of Economics.


In 2020, 1.27 million euro are intended for SCCB for the fulfilment of energy policy administration functions, while for 2021 and subsequent years – 1.13 million euro every year. 30 jobs are intended to be created for the implementation of the new functions of SCCB, which will be provided from the Ministry of Economics.

Last update:    28-01-2020