Maximum human protection requirements set for catering companies


Order No.103 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 12 March 2020 “Regarding the announcement of the emergency situation” instructed the Minister of Economics to set social distancing requirements at public catering facilities and the maximum number of visitors who may be present in a public catering facility at the same time.


Order No.1-6.1/2020/55 of the Ministry of Economics of 30.03.2020 “Regarding the Ensuring of Social Distancing at Public Catering Facilities” provides that from March 31 the following shall be ensured in catering places:

  • two metres distance between tables;
  • no more than two visitors at the same table, with the exception of members of the same family;
  • a two-metre distance between visitors in a queue in the checkout and service area using delimiting marks;
  • the maximum number of visitors in the public catering premises – one visitor per at least 4 m2 of the total area of the public catering premises;
  • the possibility of purchasing takeaway food.


A number of measures should also be ensured to inform visitors in public catering premises:

  • at the entrance the visitor should be urged not to visit the public catering facility if he or she shows signs of a respiratory infection;
  • visitors should be informed about the maximum number of persons who may be present in the catering facility at the same time;
  • clearly legible indications placed in places visible for visitors (at least at the checkout and at the entrance to the public catering facility) to be socially responsible and keep 2 metre distance from the surrounding visitors while they are in the public catering facility;
  • a message in Latvian should be played every 15 minutes urging buyers not to stay in the public catering premises unnecessarily and to follow the guidelines about keeping distance. The public catering service provider may choose additional foreign languages for playing a message.


To support traders in meeting the new requirements, we have prepared an AUDIO FILE OF THE MESSAGE FOR BUYERS. We also welcome public catering companies to download and use this information (free of charge) if necessary.


At the same time, we call on the owners and managers of public catering companies to take other measures to the extent possible to limit the flow of people thus facilitating compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health on limitation of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We also call for measures to be taken for the maximum protection of employees.


On the other hand, visitors of public catering facilities are urged not to visit public catering facilities if they shows signs of a respiratory infection. Please follow the instructions provided by companies when visiting public catering facilities.


The state and municipal police will ensure supervision of all the above-mentioned requirements in public catering facilities.

Last update:    25-05-2020