Covid-19: Important information for residents and managers of multi-apartment houses


At the extraordinary meeting of the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers held on 29 March 2020 amendments to order No.103 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 12 March 2020 “Regarding the announcement of the emergency situation” were approved with a view to ensuring greater physical distancing and providing that persons should comply with physical distancing and epidemiological safety measures in public indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as common use premises.


It is important to remember that physical distancing and strict compliance with all restrictions can help avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus and limit the spread of the virus. It is therefore important to take maximum precautions also in public areas such as common use premises in multi-apartment residential houses.


The CM order provides that in any public place – both indoor and outdoor, as well as common use premises, i.e. landing rooms, and other common use premises of multi-apartment residential houses, in yards and parking areas, persons shall keep a two-metre distance from others, as well as take all epidemiological safety measures. The CM order provides that no more than two persons; persons living in the same household; parents and their minor children, if they do not live in the same household; persons carrying out work or service duties may gather together in public places at the same time without keeping a 2-metre distance.


We remind that the common use premises and outdoor spaces of a residential house are a stairwell, a corridor, a pram storage room, a cellar, an attic, an underground parking lot, an elevator, a yard, a green area, a children’s playground, a parking lot and other areas used by all the dwellers of the house. 


We urge every resident to comply with the recommendations of epidemiologists – physical distancing – at least 2 m distance from other people, avoidance of visits to public places with large numbers of people, and careful hand washing. We also ask anyone who feels the symptoms of a cold to stay at home and contact their family doctor. These simple measures will help us all significantly limit the spread of the infection and prevent rapid increases in incidence. 

Last update:    25-05-2020