LIAA has created a Covid-19 product platform


Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) has created a Covid-19 product platform, where Latvian-made products for limiting Covid-19 are listed. The platform is available in English, as it is designed to display products for export.  


“Since the state of emergency was declared, we together with the Ministry of Economics have been encouraging entrepreneurs to start producing various types of personal protective equipment and technological solutions that could help reducing the spread of Covid-19 virus and potential threats. We have brought together manufacturers to a single platform, and we invite others to join it. Our goal is to spread the information about Covid-19 products made in Latvia through LIAA foreign trade representatives. We also encourage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get involved and promote these products, which may be especially demanded in the most Covid-19 affected countries,” says LIAA Director General Kaspars Rožkalns.


Such products as face shields, face masks, hand and surface disinfectants, as well as specialized clothing, etc. offered by a total of 50 Latvian companies can be found in the platform. All Latvian manufacturers that match this profile are invited to fill in the form at and join the platform. Applications are expected not only from personal protective equipment manufacturers, but also from those companies that offer various technological solutions or other types of products that may be useful in controlling the Covid-19 virus.



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Last update:    03-06-2020