European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change (EOCIC) introduce cluster ecosystem with the first newsletter, which follows up from the previous European Cluster Observatory. The aim of this publication is to provide, twice a year, a summary of the latest activities of EOCIC, as well as other cluster related activities undertaken.

This edition is dedicated to the key evolutions of the Observatory, including an update on its goals and services, and provides a summary of the latest outcomes of a number of conferences discussing European, national and regional cluster policy that took place in the past months.


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The European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change builds upon and brings together the work undertaken by the European Cluster Observatory and previous work of the European Service Innovation Centre, but with a stronger and wider focus on the role of industrial change. The new Observatory will not only look at service innovation but also at key enabling technologies, digitalisation, creativity and eco-innovative, resource-efficient solutions as the key drivers of industrial change. Likewise, wider indicators for industrial and entrepreneurship performance and how these are connected among each other and with cluster development will also be part of its scope.

The aim of EOCIC is to help Europe's regions and countries in designing better and more evidence-based cluster policies and initiatives. The Observatory supports:

  • Industrial modernisation;

  • Entrepreneurship in emerging industries with growth potential,

  • SMEs' access to clusters and internationalisation activities and

  • More strategic inter-regional collaboration and investments in the implementation of smart specialisation strategies.

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