In the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia a Memorandum of Understanding between the Minister for Economics and the Deputy Prime Minister Arvils Ašeradens and ride sharing industry companies’ representatives -  the company’s “Uber” General manager for Baltics Enn Metsar and “Taxify” Regional manager in Latvia - Juris Krūmiņš, was signed today.


Both sides agree that the Memorandum of Understanding brings a new level to the conversation about the increase in global demand for ride sharing service providers and their place in Latvian economy. The signed Memorandum will serve as a solid base for constructive discussion about the inclusion of ride sharing providers in Latvian transportation industry and their legal framework.


Deputy Prime minister, the Minister for Economics Arvils Ašeradens: “It must be understood that the sharing economy is the growing economic activity trend all over the world and Latvia is no exception. Global demand for ridesharing services is forming, in Latvia currently we are in a time, when new – ridesharing service – industry is forming, which is a unique type of business. For it to effectively and legally fit into Latvian economy, a dialogue on its consistent integration into existing economic model must be activated. Ridesharing service provision is a way how every member of the society can become a part of the state economy and get involved in entrepreneurship.”


General Manager for Baltics at Uber Enn Metsar: "Across Europe we are always looking to enter into new partnerships with policymakers. This Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Economy is an important step towards supporting the growing demand for digital economy in Latvia. Collaborative platforms such as Uber have the potential to provide great new economic opportunities and positively impact the way people get around their city. We are excited to be partnering with another forward-thinking public authority in the Baltics." 


Country Manager for Latvia at Taxify, Juris Krūmiņš:  Modern technology provides many opportunities to the passenger transportation industry, which were not be possible until now. It allows to significantly improve service quality, reduces to minimum potential for fraud, and allows to keep up with the payments made. Taxify appreciates the Ministry of Economics’ showed understanding about the benefits that the sharing economy and ridesharing can bring to the state economy. We believe that for small countries as Latvia and Estonia it is especially important to support innovations by working together and learning from each other, because that allows us to be much more competitive alongside the world. We will do everything that is possible to share our experience and facilitate the development process of the legislation, which would be beneficial to all. 





Agita Baltbārde

Advisor to the Minister of Economics

Phone: 67013285