NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE) and the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) successfully co-organised Initial Panning Conference (IPC) for the incoming table-top exercise (TTX) Coherent Resilience 2021 Baltic (CORE 2021-B) on 15-16th of December 2021. In the light of current world pandemic of COVID-19 circumstances the Initial Panning Conference for the CORE 21-B was transferred to the virtual meeting platform. The IPC attracted over 70 representatives from the electricity transmission operators and governmental representatives from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and representatives from international, NATO, and EU organizations.

The CORE 2021-B TTX will address critical energy infrastructure protection of the Baltic region, and will focus on electricity supply resilience during desynchronization from the IPS/UPS power system and synchronisation with the Continental Europe power grids. It will be a regional exercise focused on electricity supply resilience against hybrid threats, organized in order to support national authorities and electricity system operators of the Baltic region in ensuring supply of electricity to civilian and military consumers. Moreover, the exercise will aim at mitigating the possible disruption in the case of hybrid threats.

The exercise is meant to raise the importance of energy security and resilience topic and deliver it to our allies in NATO and EU. Additionally, the TTX is foreseen as an opportunity to enhance co-operation between the nations of Baltic region in order to increase the resilience of the electricity supply systems and construct common understanding of the possible treats. Finally, TTX will help to identify areas of further improvements or weaknesses in the existing procedures and plans, promote cooperation between the EC and NATO under specific crisis situations.

The table top exercise Coherent Resilience 2021-Baltic (CORE 21-B) is planned to be conducted at the end of May and beginning of June 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania.