The net electricity billing system (net system) is the procedure for making payments for the consumed electricity and in which the distribution system operator (DSO) clears the electricity consumed and produced by a household user, who produces electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) for his own needs (self-consumption), transferred to the DSO network.

An object in which a household user generates electricity for own consumption (final consumption) using household-installed electricity generating equipment with an operating voltage not exceeding 400 volts and a total operating current not exceeding 16 amperes in a single-phase or three-phase connection is entitled to pay for and to use the consumed electricity in the net electricity settlement system, if all the following conditions are met:

1) the distribution system operator has issued a permit for the connection of a microgenerator for parallel work with the distribution system at the relevant facility;

2) electricity in the household is produced using renewable energy resources;

3) electricity in the household is produced and consumed within one system connection.