The Single Market Enforcement Task Force (SMET) was set up by the Action plan for better implementation and enforcement of single market rules adopted in March 2020 as part of the European industrial strategy. Latvian contact point for SMET is the Ministry of Economics.

In this forum, the European Commission and representatives of the EU Member States address the most pressing Single Market barriers to ensure smooth cross-border activities with the EU.

SMET’s objective is to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Single Market based on concrete reachable actions. So far SMET has addressed issues regarding the reduction of documents in the field of regulated professions, justification of prior checks for regulated professions, improvement of the permit procedures in the field of renewable energy, simplification of employees' posting requirements in the Member States etc.

The report on the progress of the selected issues and the results achieved within the SMET is published annually and is publicly available on the SMET portal.