The Government intends to compensate those businesses most at a risk of energy price increase based on the support for renewables, to help offset these increased costs. In 14 July 2015 the Cabinet Regulations No.395 “Procedure for Energy-Intensive Manufacturing Companies to Obtain the Right to Reduce Their Participation in the Mandatory Procurement Component Payment” were adopted.

Electricity Market law stipulates that vulnerable electricity consumers – poor or low-income families (persons), families with 3 or more children, families (persons) caring for a disabled child, persons with disability group I – are granted the right to receive the vulnerable consumer electricity trade service, which means reduction of the electricity bill. Current regulation prescribes that the vulnerable consumer electricity trade service is only provided by one electricity supplier which currently is JSC “Latvenergo” and the vulnerable consumer has to have an agreement with JSC “Latvenergo”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economics is currently developing a new mechanism so that the vulnerable consumer can receive the service automatically (without application) from any electricity supplier from 2021.