One of functions of Ministry of Economics is to develop labor market middle and long term forecasts. To develop the current forecasting system and improve the quality of forecasts, Ministry of Economics from 2010 until 2013 implemented Europes Social Fund co-financed project "Labor market demand middle term and long term frecasting systems development" (Nr.1DP//


Goal of the project - develop effective labor market demand forecasting system and improve forecasting methodology. 


Project's main implementation directions - labor market middle and long term forecasting instrumentation perfection, as well as surveys and researches in labor market field. 


Project's target group - public institutions, especially, education, employment and social inclusion politics developers and implementers. In a broad sense, target group includes social workers, current and potential job takers, as well as whole society. 


Project's implementation period is from 03.08.2010 until 31.12.2013, and its total funding was LVL 236 451,17 (EUR 336 439,73).


Project's activities and results

Within the project five activities are realized:

  1. Surveys in labor market field
  2. Labor market middle and long term forecasting instrument development
  3. Researches in labor market field
  4. Project administration
  5. Project information and publication events



Project's contacts


Normunds Ozols

Ministry of Economics

Analytical Department

Economic Development and Labor Market Forecasting Divisions


Telephone.: +371 67013068, fax: 67280882



Agnese Rožkalne

Ministry of Economics

Analytical Department

Economic Policy Coordination Unit

Senior Rapporteur

Telephone: +371 67013117, fax: 67280882



Project manager

Elīna Konstantinova

LLC „BaltLine Globe”

Telephone: +371 67212148