The DIG-IN Forum is a unique opportunity to highlight and analyze the smart specialization sectors of the Latvian economy, perhaps even to initiate change and ultimately to be among the leaders in their industry, emphasizing development, growth and some kind of transformation.


The name of the forum itself tells us that there should be no one at the side. "DIG-IN!" Refers to the call for everyone to be actively involved in the development of the industry, to look for the best solutions for cooperation and to set new ambitions for high value-added products, productivity and efficient resource management.


Every individual company is a gear in the entire big ecosystem mechanism. This forum is a new platform aimed at bringing together representatives of the various manufacturing sectors to promote common understanding of co-operation opportunities, sharing experiences and building common goals for growth.


The Forum is organized by the Ministry of Economics of Latvia, implementing the initiative on the potential of digitalisation within Industry 4.0 and examples of good practice of innovation in the Competence Center Management Project.


The forum will take place in two different interactive sessions: DIGitalisation and INovation.

DIGitalization // 9.30-13.00

The Forum's most informative sessions will be devoted to discussion and expert opinions on the importance of collaboration between industries, the promotion of digitalisation potential within Industry 4.0, its opportunities and benefits for introducing new technological solutions in companies.


INnovations // 14.00 - 17.45

Innovation development promotes the competitiveness of business. The implementation of collaborative projects between research and industry is essential to create new products and technologies with greater added value. The Competence Center program, promoted by ERDF investments, has been recognized as the best policy instrument for promoting innovation in Latvia. The main goal of this session is to show how cooperation between the business and the scientific sector in small, medium and large companies affects the development of new innovative products. The audience will be introduced with research projects and its results in eight competence centers in Latvia.


NB! But that's not all! Visitors will have the opportunity to see and learn about the best innovation practices in Latvia in the newly created POPUP Demo Center.