The quality of the business environment is one of the prerequisites for the competitive development of Latvia's national economy - the better the state is able to create for entrepreneurs, the greater investments can be expected in the national economy, which in turn means the creation of new jobs and prosperity for the population.

Since 1999, the annual Action Plan for improving the Business Environment has been prepared and approved by the MK, which provides for the improvement of business regulatory acts and services provided by the state administration, thus creating a competitive Latvian business environment also on a global scale.

In order to ensure better and better positions of Latvia in international rankings, one of the sources of information in the development of the Plan is the analysis of the relevant rankings. Raising Latvia's position in the relevant ratings is not primary, but when developing the Plan's measures, their impact on international ratings, such as the Global Innovation Index, the Economic Freedom Index, etc., is taken into account.

The aim of the plan remains the same: "simple and quality services in business: more e-services" and it includes measures to be taken that are identified as burdensome for entrepreneurs in areas such as establishment of companies, construction and real estate registration, tax administration, e-governance, and business perfecting termination.

The measures to improve the business environment for the next period include the areas defined in cooperation with the professional associations of entrepreneurs:

  • accumulation and reuse of data;
  • improvement of construction process and related requirements;
  • improving workforce management and availability;
  • reduction of business costs;
  • reducing the administrative burden;
  • improvement of the field of local government territory planning.

Plans and reports

 Action Plan for improving the Business Environment 2019-2022

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